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     July 4, 2010
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Grethers pastilles are for Singers, Speakers, Professors, Voice Coaches, Lecturers, or, for anyone who over uses their throat.   Glycerin based pastilles are recommended by Hospitals, Physicians, Universities, Art Schools, Voice Coaches, and many more.  All for very good reason.

Many throat afflictions arise from colds, flu, overtaxing the voice, and enviromnental conditions like heating and air-conditioning, smoking, medications, and age related conditions. Dry Mouth Syndrome or xerostomia, is a 50% or greater reduction in the quantity of saliva ia person produces. Some of the sonsequences of this condition include infections of the mouth, cavates of the teeth, difficulty swallowing, changes in sense of taste, difficulty speaking and even sleep problems.Black Currant and Glycerin Pastilles are valuable to Singers, Public Speakers and those who over use their throat.

Grether's Pastilles have a soothing effect on dry mouth and other throat afflicitions. They stimulate saliva production thanks to their inimitable consistency. The pastilles last a long time in the mouth.

The glycerin in Grethers Pastilles provides a protective film for the mucous membranes in the mouth and throat which ensures a long lasting moisturising effect, which is why they are for anyone who over uses their throat.

The coating of beeswax and vegetable oil along with the soft consistency of the pastille,decrease the danger of injury when your mucous membranes are dry.

Plus, the natural fruit juice gives the pastille a fresh taste and makes them a wonderful treat!

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